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At Möwe, we believe that everyone is entitled to a smart and connected home, that works alongside you to give you the best at-home experience filled with safety, security and utmost comfort. Hence, Möwe proves to be your one-stop solution to a smart lifestyle.

Möwe’s range of smart home appliances consists of products, that have been classified into the following categories: Home Appliances, Security and Sensors, Lighting, and Electrical. As the categories suggest, our home appliances cover a wide range of products that suit different purposes throughout the house, yet come together harmoniously to provide you the best smart-home living.

Regardless of the product, Möwe gives you the liberty and freedom to control and operate these appliances through your smartphones, leading to a more efficient and convenient way of living. 

Our Home Appliance category consists of smart fans as well as robot vacuum, both of which can be controlled and monitored through your smartphones. The robot vacuum can also map your entire area and clean specific places on command.

As for our Security and Sensors category of products, we provide you with a wide range of smart cameras, motion sensors, video doorbells, gas and smoke detectors, etc. Using your smartphones, you can easily track movements within and outside the house, getting alert notifications whenever any discrepancies are detected. Our smoke and gas detectors too, provide real-time updates and alerts in the event of a gas leak or fire risk. You can also control the smart hobs and hoods in the kitchen through your smartphones, and switch them on or off depending on the situation. 

Our remaining categories too, provide you with a wide range of products, including lights, smart sockets, smart switches, etc. Our lights can be controlled through the smartphone and changes to the colour can be made with the touch of a button. At Möwe, we strive you provide each and every one with a smart and technologically driven home, and our products indeed can help you achieve the comfort, convenient and efficiency that a smart lifestyle can offer! Browse our collection of smart home appliances and make the switch today!






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