The World's First Smart

Smart Kitchen

Appliances that work harder for you. Using up-to-date technology, providing you a smarter and safer home.

Smart Home

Smart Home Accessories enhances your life by lending you an extra hand at home.

Advanced Smart Technology

Möwe’s smart technology is one of the pioneers in the industry. Seamlessly integrating smart appliances and accessories into daily living. Möwe enhances your lifestyle, allowing you to live your best.

Remote Monitoring

Serving you the ultimate convenience at your fingertips. With smart connectivity features, you can control all Möwe’s smart appliances no matter where you are.


Timer & Scheduling

Möwe’s smart appliances provide timing and scheduling functions, allowing you to optimally control your daily activities


Alert & Notification

Receive instant alerts and notifications through your smartphone whenever things are amiss. Möwe’s smart appliances will send immediate notifications through a mobile application, giving you ample time to respond with ease.


Safety & Automation

Gifting each household the safety standard that everyone deserves. Möwe’s smart appliances work together to recognise and elude potential hazards.


Error Notification

With Möwe’s error notification function, be rest assured that your smart appliances work their best to provide you with comfort and safety. Through your smartphone, you are granted access to the source of the error and how to fix it.


Data Analytics

With state-of-the-art technology, Möwe’s data analytics function equipped in the smart appliances will learn your usage patterns and value-add to your life by supplementing them.