Smart Presence Sensor



  • Accurate perception of synchronous movement and staionary status (sitting, sleeping) of personnel.
  • Maintains detection of stationary personnel to ensure real-time output.
  • Rapid output of target distance from radar, indicating whether the target is moving closer or further away.
  • Detects various movement amplitudes and provides real-time numerical status.
  • Limits detection to personnel with biological characteristics (moving or stationary), eliminating interference from other non-living objects in the envirionment
  • A zigbee hub is required


App Functions

• Zigbee Smart Presence Sensor
• iAppliance App enabled
• Control from anywhere
• Mount on Ceiling
• A Zigbee hub is required


Voltage Input: AC 110V ~ 220V
Communication Type: Wi-Fi version
Communication Distance: 100 meters (open field)
Radar Frequency: 24Ghz, millimeter wave radar transmit power: <10dbm (10mW)
Detection Angle: Horizontal 100°, Pitch 100°, forming a three-dimensional fan-shaped area.
Response Speed: About 0.5 seconds from no one to someone, and report no one after about 1 minute when someone leaves
Illumination Detection Range: 0-65535lux
Surge Protection: +/- 2000V
Operating Temperature: -10°C to +55°C
Installation Hole Diameter: 65mm
Installation Method: Ceiling-mounted