Zigbee Smart Water Heater Switch – Rocker


  • Rocker button (R series) with remote control using iAppliances app
  • Supports high–powered loading up to 30A
  • Surge and Circuit protection to ensure extra safety and peace of mind
  • Works well with Google Home and activates the on/ off button with voice commands
  • Timer, scheduling and automation to toggle on / off using iAppliances app
  • Sync with MW801Z Wireless Zigbee Gateway and you are set to go

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Door and Window Sensor


  • Reliably detects open doors and windows
  • Preventive protection against burglary
  • Sound the alarm in case of burglary through automation
  • Provides added home security with alerts on entry/ opening
  • Sync with MW801Z Wireless Zigbee Gateway and you are set to go

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Smart Kettle


  • Control Remotely with the free, easy-to-use iAppliance App or manually with the boil button at the base.
  • Remotely set the desired temperature to boil hot water with 1.7-Liter capacity and non-spill spout.
  • Connect your Smart Kettle with other smart home devices using iAppliance App.
  • Innovative pairing technology allows secure and Quick setup to multiple devices.

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Smart Robot Vacuum


  • Professional 3-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner with laser navigation technology: sweeping, mopping and vacuuming.
  • Leading intelligent laser navigation system is more efficient, smarter, more intuitive and more predictive than gyroscopes and vision products, and cleans the entire area in an orderly manner.
  • Intelligent navigation LDS4.0: the robot scans and maps your house for 360º recognition.
  • Multi-sensing system: It will automatically adjust when encountering obstacles, and the height detection at the bottom prevents it from falling from the stairs.

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